Building your wealth plan.
It involves 5 steps to help you succeed.

Investing your money well can seem complex and challenging. After all, it’s continually affected by market volatility, economic ups and downs, political uncertainty and emotion.

But the reality is, helping you reach your goals depends mostly on solid and proven investment planning, based on a deep understanding of risks, opportunities and your personal needs.

At StollerWealth, we believe crafting the right plan for you really boils down to these five key steps:


We begin by learning as much we can about you – by meeting with you one-on-one, asking a lot of questions, listening to what you say and what you mean and reviewing your financial documents.


Next, we complete a thorough and disciplined analysis of your current financial plan and investment strategy, if you have one, to see if your goals are being met – paying particular attention to capital needs, risk management, tax issues, retirement and life objectives and estate planning.


We then craft a personal investment plan for you, one we believe will meet your income and savings needs. And we’ll create a retirement roadmap, even if you’re years away from retirement. After all, it’s never too early to plan ahead.


We’ll present our recommendations to you and revise your plans based on any new details or concerns you have. Once approved, we’ll begin implementing our plans, opening any necessary accounts, transferring funds, and buying and selling securities and other investments.


No plan can be carved in stone. Life goes on. Situations change. The world takes turns we didn’t expect. So, we’ll regularly update plans to reflect these new realities. And, as your financial advocate, we’ll continually monitor your investments, performing regular performance reviews, and making new recommendations as personal circumstances and market conditions evolve.