Straight talk. Forward thinking.

Welcome to StollerWealth. As you investigate investment advisors to find the one that’s the right fit for you, there’s a good chance you’re thinking we’re here to convince you to invest with us. After all, that’s what you’ve always been told, isn’t it? – an advisor’s job is to take your money and try to make more of it.

At StollerWealth, we see things differently.

The truth is, our number one goal isn’t to invest your money – although we’ll do that really well. Rather, we’re here to invest in you and make you part of our inner circle. What that means is we believe the best way to grow your wealth is by building trust. And that can only happen one way: by fostering a deep and meaningful relationship with you, through careful attention and exceptional service, to help us discover and understand who you are beyond just numbers.

Still need convincing? Explore our site, meet with us, talk to us, hear what we have to say and we’ll prove it to you.

5 ways we’re different – and better

We don't deal in numbers, we deal in relationships.
Without understanding, little else matters.
Trust facts over feelings.
If it's not good enough for us, it's never right for you.
Straight talk and forward thinking.


We have worked with Michael for 15 years and his attention to our goals has served us very well and our portfolio reflects that growth. We appreciate Michael’s professional attitude, guidance, integrity and availability to discuss any issue we may have. He has worked with us and kept us on the right path during the tough market times/cycles and we have relied on his expertise as we nearer retirement. We know that for the next chapter of our lives we are in great hands and have a solid path to finance this stage of our lives with Michael looking after our portfolio and the wealth he has helped create for us.
Ken & Brenda
As a medical doctor I pay particular attention to the three “A’s”: Ability, Accessibility, and Affability. My wife Faith and I have had ample opportunity to apprise ourselves of Michael Stoller’s and his team’s attributes over the past fifteen years they have managed our portfolio. We especially appreciated Michael’s approach to our investment needs as we aged and our needs changed. He and his team were available for consultation literally 24/7. Our quarterly meetings were extremely helpful and conducted in the vernacular understood by Faith and me. We are so very pleased with the StollerWealth Team and look forward to our continued amicable relationship for years to come.
Marvin & Faith
We were introduced to StollerWealth by a work colleague and friend who vouched for Michael as one of the few people he would trust his life savings with. Exasperated with advisors who were disappointing even on minimal expectations like honoring meeting times, we were immediately struck by his commitment to every aspect of our relationship. His advice is honest, he puts his own personal wealth at stake beside you, he is open, vulnerable and shares his experience to help you see all sides. We never feel pressured, only supported, especially with every member of his team. We recommend him, as we did to a very close relative (brother) by saying, Michael Stoller is one of the few people we would trust my life savings with.
Mohamed & Shabnam
British Columbia
Michael Stoller and the team at StollerWealth have been managing my assets for many years. Michael has helped me to set up a portfolio that is easy to understand, easy to access when needed, and will be easy for my children to access when the time comes. Most importantly my portfolio has increased in value and allowed me to live my life without concern. The service levels and attention I receive to manage my portfolio and affairs is exemplary - I know they value my investment with them as much as I value their expertise.
We have worked with Michael (and team) for close to 15 years now and we have nothing but accolades for what Michael has done for us over the years. Our appreciation ranges from his patience, ability to grow our wealth through tough economic times, and mortgage advice to name a few. I can honestly say that the only friction/miscommunication we have ever had has been due to my impatience. Highly recommended.
Damien M.
British Columbia
Since 2005 Michael has been a wonderful advisor but even more so, a good friend who treats my portfolio with great integrity, pride, and personal familiarity. When there’s been a question or concern, Michael has responded immediately, which has gained my trust over the years. I have and will continue to recommend Michael to friends and colleagues for financial advice and service.
Kevin S.


We look forward to meeting you.

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